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"Life is a Journey and only YOU hold the key"




We believe that everyone has the potential to make changes and that you are the one to create your success in therapy. At moments it may feel like there is nothing left to give and that you no longer have the answers...but you do! At this time there is a need of some guidance and tools to acheive your goal(s) and gain a new way of!

Children and Adolescents may need counseling too.


There are so many challenges that they face that can be overlooked until behaviors become concerning and/or out of the norm. One Day at a Time Counseling can provide the necessary treatment for each individual child. 

Please look at the "About" section (located at the top of this page) to obtain more information on Angie's and April's professional experience in working with this population! Also, look under our "Services" section to find out what different approaches we use with children and adolescents in therapy. 

Major depressive disorder 

(depression) is a serious 

medical condition with a 

broad range of symptoms. 

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Post-Traumatic Stress 

Disorder (PTSD) can affect 

anyone at any age. Millions 

of Americans get PTSD every 

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rain drops

One day at a time.

There are many situations in life that can contribute to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely, lost, and at times, defeated. We need to slow down and take each moment, feeling, thought, behavior "one day at a time." 


Your Greatest Self.


You are moments away from receiving answers to your questions! Let us help you with the challenges you are facing: may it be alone or with your significant other, sibiling, child, parent(s), school, family, career, and/or traumatic situations. We can provide guidance and provide tools to contribute to your greatest self.

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Is your relationship in need of repair?


One Day at a Time Counseling can offer you and your spouse an insight in what will keep your marriage from slipping away. Wondering why there is no more "spark" in your relationship?

Let Angie or April help you strengthen the bond once again. They will help by establishing healthier communication skills, conflict resolution skills, financial management, forgivenss, and many more factors that contribute to a healthy relationship.  We can empower you both to work toward a happy and healthier relationship.

Anxiety is a general term for 

several disorders that cause 

nervousness, fear, 

apprehension, and worrying. 

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