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Dr. Cordova & April C-Williams

One Day at a Time Counseling is a family owned counseling center that provides mental health counseling and other services. Dr. Angie Cordova and Mrs. April Cordova-Williams are a mother and daughter team who are dedicated to provide each family system individualized care.


Dr. Angie Cordova started her private practice in 2004 while also holding a position as a police officer. She retired as a police officer and continued with her passion as a therapist full-time. Once her private practice started to thrive she enlisted the help of her daughter, April Cordova-Williams, to assist with office managerial  functions.


At the time, April was attending to her undergraduate studies and learning a vast amount of business protocol and becoming more passionate about the mental health field. At the end of 2014, April received her Master's Degree in Counseling and was now able to accept clients and provide mental health services. 


At the beginning of 2015 they started a new adventure in co-ownership and together they divide and conquer when beneficial and necessary for the client and their family. 

Dr. Angie Cordova, Ed.D

I have extensive experience and academic knowledge working in the trauma/crisis field and I provide those kinds of services to individuals, businesses and first responder agencies. Although I no longer work in law enforcement, I do continue to work with police officers, firefighters, and all first responders and their families. I work with an array of populations including but not limited to: addiction, pre-marital and marital, suicide, crisis situations, those who have been victims of a crime, anger management, family system challenges, and diagnostic work. 

In May of 2015 I received my doctorate degree in psychology which has allowed me to broaden the practice by including more assessments and diagnostic abilities.  I enjoy the work that I do and I like to help people become mentally healthy. I am a strong advocate for providing knowledge about mental health and diagnostic concerns as I feel that part of the counseling process is first to know what is going on with yourself and then to come up with a plan collaboratively in determining the best treatment goal(s). 

April Cordova-Williams

I graduated from Regis University in 2014 with my Masters degree in Counseling and had the opportunity to spend a year at Denver Children's Advocacy Center to broaden my experience and knowledge in providing counseling services for children and adolescents who have been victims of a crime and their non-offending family members. This has been a specialty of mine and I continue working with that marginalized population. My training at Regis was specifically geared toward individual counseling and addressing various challenges that may occur throughout life. Thus, I also work with many individuals and their family members. I utilize a person centered approach in order to meet my client(s) where they are at in life and to collaborate with my clients throughout the therapeutic process in order to provide the most beneficial outcome.  I strive to guide my clients in the most beneficial and productive way throughout the therapy process and to remind myself and them that they are the ones that hold the key to their success and together we will try to find that success. 



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Currently Not Accepting New Clients

Last Update July 2022